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Kree Harrison gets three judges to stand, Candice Glover all four on 'American Idol'

Kree Harrison performs her second song on "American Idol," the one she'd sing if she wins -- "All Cried Out."

She's going to win this thing; she's compelling, song fits her voice like a glove and the emotion just pours through. You really feel like she's singing about her life, particularly after we found out both her parents died before she was 20. Another strong performance; all the judges except Nicki Minaj stand.

Candice Glover next, doing "I Am Beautiful." She's fantastic; another song that resonates with her life story, with lyrics that push you along. Her sincerity shines through, and she doesn't oversing, which makes the big moments even more poignant. This time, all the judges stand.

When it's time for two of the judges to speak, Minaj says she thought Harrison was singing "from the gut" for the first time, showing off a different part of her voice.

Keith Urban says both songs were "tailor made" for the finalists, joking Glover's song "fits her like a Glover."

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