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Kree Harrison gets two judges to stand, Kamaria Ousley told she 'wasn't good' on 'American Idol'

Kamaria Ousley up next on "American Idol," dressed in crazy, black and white checked pants and doing "Mr. Know It All." Good energy and vibe but she's off-key, badly at times. Odd song choice for her too; seems nervous, breathing is out of synch.  

Keith Urban says he doesn't think it was the best song choice, never felt an "emotional connection" from her. Nicki Minaj loves her outfit, wasn't sure about her throaty style, says "didn't work, babe." Randy Jackson says "the pitch was all over the place," calls it her worst performance so far, says "I didn't like it at all -- it wasn't good." Mariah Carey says she's "adorable" and "marketable" but didn't think it was the right song either.

Kree Harrison next, in leggings and a plain top, singing "Up to the Mountain." I like her vibe, and her easily soaring voice fits the song well. Nice emotion, hits the big notes without strain -- she's just believable, maybe the best performances of the night. Urban and Minaj give her a standing ovation.

Urban calls her "such a natural born singer," loves how she's "effortless and authentic." Minaj says "I would be very afraid if I was any of these other girls here tonight." Jackson calls it "effortless," with Carey liking how she's "lost in the song" but with no artifice.

Harrison tells Ryan Seacrest afterward: "This is all I've ever wanted to do."

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