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Kree Harrison's dress on ‘American Idol’ looks familiar

GREAT TASTE: The dress Top 3 finalist Kree

GREAT TASTE: The dress Top 3 finalist Kree Harrison wore on "American Idol" looks identical to the Aidan Mattox number Newsday’s Project Prom girl, Danielle Trotta, picked out as a possible choice for her senior prom. (May 8, 2013) Credit: Fox

“Somebody hasn’t had any carbs this week,” said Ryan Seacrest after Mariah Carey took to the stage and the judges’ table on "American Idol" Wednesday night wearing a scalloped, cropped white top and hip slung skirt that exposed a swathe of toned tummy. The pop star, once a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig appeared to be toned and fit. “Looking good there Mariah,” Seacrest said. She did.

Her female counterpart on the show, Nicki Minaj, showed off her extreme curves in a pink dress that could have been spray-painted onto her body.

Kree Harrison, who usually goes for black pants opted for ripped jeans, a shrunken white jacked with gold embellishment and dark, sparkly tank for her first performance. She wore her signature stiletto booties, which Minaj took issue with suggesting that she “wear flat cowboy boots,” so she could really move around. Harrison said she’d go barefoot.

Second time up, Harrison wore a black dress with a lace inset at the top. We’re just guessing, but we think it was by Aidan Mattox because it looked a heck of a lot like a dress Newsday’s Project Prom girl, Danielle Trotta, picked out as a possible choice for her senior prom. Her final outfit, black jeans with crystal encrusted pockets and a black leather jacket, was pure country Kreedom.

And it was leather all the way through for Angie Miller who has adopted it as a mainstay. Her bodycon slither of a leather dress up first was a black, short number. Minaj said, “I love that dress, love the shoes,” but she did not love the performance. Randy Jackson said the contestant’s rendition of “Try,” “fit like a glove.” And so did her outfit, a slim zipped sleeveless top embellished with black and gold beads and natch, trimmed with leather topping skinny black jeans and high, high heels. The now famous leather shorts matched a leather, studded vest over a patterned tee shirt appeared at the end.

Candice Glover has adopted the statement necklace – she wore three different gigantic variations for each of her performances. It’s a look that works well for her and frames her lovely face. A leather shrug topped a silky animal print top that featured a patch of glitter in the center, which she wore over black pants for her first time up. A cobalt blue zipped sweater set topped zigzag printed black and white pants for her performance -- these were definitely off the mark. She was pure diva in a full-length evening gown which she wore when she sang, “Somewhere,” which was hailed as the performance of the night. Beautiful.

It was a really big night, and Randy Jackson punctuated it by taking the classic initial pin and blowing it up in size. A giant “R” pinned to his lapel made it clear: R is for Randy. Yep, we knew that.

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