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Kree Harrison set up to soar, Candice Glover to flop on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are fighting it out to be the next "American Idol," as a dramatic season 12 wraps up. They start with a song picked by the show's creator, Simon Fuller.

Harrison goes first, doing "Angel." It's an easy crowd-pleaser, fits nicely to her voice. If she wins this whole thing, she'll have Fuller to thank -- the chorus is heart-breaking, she slows it down and just lets the crackly, country tone in her voice swell out. One of her best performances of the year.

Like last season they don't let the judges say anything after her performance, because you know, the biggest show of the year is the best time to mess with its dynamics.

Glover does "Chasing Pavements." It's a horrible choice; low energy, meanders all over, and just  not that fun to listen to. Vocally she's fine, but not memorable at all, it's not a song she can bring anything special to.

What was Fuller thinking?! How could one pick fit so well, and the other flop?

Two of the judges then get a chance to critique an empty stage, as Harrison and Glover have gone to prepare for the next song. Mariah Carey says she was "blown away again" by both. Randy Jackson says flat out he "wouldn't have chosen either song," but gives Glover the edge for trying to be more creative with her song.

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