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Scattered Clouds 45° Good Evening

"La La Land:" Yikes!



  Did you see "La La Land" on Showtime last night? It was quite, quite odd.

  Eccentric, is the word that comes tripping off the tongue, I believe.

  Check it out. Sorry I didn't review for the paper or website - a bunch of other stuff got in the way.

  But better late than never.

  I'm still not quite certain what to make of this curiosity - starring Marc Wootton, the British comic who is not dissimilar to Sacha Baron Cohen; this clip shows him as aspiring doc filmmaker in Los Angeles, who somehow gets an unsuspecting veteran producer (Sheldon Altfeld) to his hotel to hear a pitch.

  It is a peculiar show (and I actually kind of like it but...) I will catch up with it later, and post a full review.  In the meantime...




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