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Lacey Brown acts a bit robotic on 'American Idol'

Lacey Brown's parents are long-time pastors. Her dad says she's naturally shy and she hasn't sung much outside of church -- until "American Idol." Singing "Ruby Tuesday," all done up in a zebra-half top and tight black skirt.

Not sure about this pick, the intro is so slow and low-energy. Chorus is a bit oversung.  I really like her, though, so I am enjoying it. However, I think the arrangement was odd, overly-mannered. Definitely big on the chorus, but disjointed. Great smile and personality, though.

Randy says "definitely very interesting," not crazy vocally, but pleasantly surprised. Ellen says a bit sleepy for her. Kara says voice up close is great, but some missed notes, "you can do better," but did like her trying to build some drama.

Simon says "you perform like an actress," everything is very precise, stop overthinking and let yourself go.

She has a great laugh, and I really like her personality. She'll work it out.

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