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Lacey Brown back in Hollywood as Simon talks about 'American Idol 27'

Lacey Brown was the last person cut last year before the semis, Megan Joy got picked instead. She seems super-sweet, will forgive her singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" because she does it well, in a throaty, if slightly hoakey, way.

She's back in Hollywood, as Kara and Kristin Chenoweth for some reason high-five each other. Maybe they had money riding on her?

Stephanie Fisher is back for the 7th time, her idol is Victoria Beckham (oh-oh). Calls her "the most beautiful creature I've ever seen." Yup, one of those words is right! 

She tries hard with "Fever," Simon sums it up, "terrible. You can't sing." Then, later: "With the greatest respect, you have a horrible voice."

She wants some time to "get unnvervous," Simon says it'd take a long time, like until "American Idol 27."

Ha, I imagine Simon in a silvery, space-age t-shirt -- Live, from the moon! Randy would be like, 'Robo-dawg!'

Rachel Hubbard leads a parade of talented 16-year-olds, Thaddeus Johnson too, Genesis Moore -- they're all great and young, so of course 'Idol' gives them a total of like 30 seconds screen time.

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