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Lacey Brown joins Paige Miles and Tim Urban in 'American Idol' bottom three

Didi Benami is up next on "American Idol's" results show. She's obviously safe since there are contestants left on the couches and only one spot left in the bottom three. Rambles on forever in response to a question from Ryan, and she's safe.

Crystal Bowersox is going to be safe, Ryan talks to her for a loooong time, about nothing. She's safe.

Katie Stevens is up next, in a bright yellow top. Man, these segments go on forever. The judges wind up taking turns giving her fake advice about what to sing -- and she's safe.

Michael Lynche is next, and he's safe, too.

So either Casey James or Lacey Brown are in the bottom three. I guess it's gonna be Lacey. And it's Lacey.

Simon says one of them would be worth using the judges' save on. But it's Tim who Ryan sends back to safety. He looks totally surprised.

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