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Good Morning

Larry King as 'Daily Show' contributor?

 Could Larry King join "The Daily Show" as a contributor? Contributing - you ask - what? Good question and you won't find an answer here because LK and "Daily" have had only one conversation so far about his joining on sort of an informal basis. "Page 6" reported this morning that Larry is telling friends it's a done deal, and "TDS" is not commenting. But my understanding is that it may well come to pass or may well not. What, again, is a "contributor?" Well, think Larry Wilmore or Lewis Black on the show; not on all the time and that would certainly be the case with Larry. What's curious and intriguing with this is that Larry is not a professional opinoer, but a professional inquisitor. Also: His pieces, should he get to them, would likely be produced from LA where he lives. Good for Larry though. He's a colorful guy with enough stories to fill a couple more memoirs (adding to three or four already out there.)  And after one of the most incredible runs in TV/broadcasting history, there's no reason it has to end - if he's ready and willing to keep the fires burning. 

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