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Good Morning

Larry King's greatest hits ...

Larry greatest hits? There were a few, and after 25 years, more than that.  But choices must be made, and here are ten noteworthy LK interviews, in no particular order:

Frank Sinatra, May 13, 1988: King loved Sinatra, and Sinatra - who submitted to interviews about as often as men stepped on the moon - returned the favor. A rare clip survives revealing a bubbly King and a puffy Sinatra, confessing that he "trembled" every time he walked on stage.

Tammy Faye Messner, July 19, 2007: Maybe the most memorable of them all - Tammy Faye, evangelist and object of scorn for much of the '80s, appears, and she is in the last stages of inoperable cancer. "Are you a little bit scared," Larry wondered, redundantly. Her sad, still-heavily-lined eyes said it all. But she added: "A little bit for my children mostly." She died a few hours after this interview.

Mark Felt, April 25, 2006: Mr. Deep Throat and Larry had him. Did he like being called "Deep Throat," Larry asked. "Yes..."

Paris Hilton, June 27, 2007: Dear Paris is released from prison after a short stay, and Larry - after running out of questions about jail cell amenities asks - why does "everybody follow you around?" Per Paris, "I have no idea..."

Oprah Winfrey, Sept. 25, 2006: The Queen of talk tells the king of talk that Barack Obama should be president - her first and only endorsement. "Yes, I do believe it's possible" - that an African American can be elected, she said. Larry nodded. Oprah beamed. The rest is history.

Marlon Brando, April 5, 1996: Elusive oddball, onetime genius actor, playfully pastes paper towels on Larry's face, tweaks his nose, closes the interview with a kiss on Larry's lips. Larry kissed back.  

Ross Perot: Feb. 20, 1992: A TV classic for the ages, as the feisty quasi-libertarian not only creates an indelible "Saturday Night Live" impression, but an indelible "LKL" one too. "First thing I'd like all of you do is look in the mirror - we're owners of this country but we don't act like owners. We act like white rabbits that get programmed by messages coming out of Washington..."

O.J. Simpson, Oct. 5, 1995: After a year of silence following acquittal in the criminal trial, O.J. Simpson suddenly talks, or babbles. He calls in to the show, and blurts out, "I've been watching your show and I don't really have a lot to say now and pretty soon I'll have all -- I have enough to say to everybody and hopefully answer everybody's questions." Yeah, right O.J. Still waiting!

Carrie Prejean: Nov. 11, 2009: Beauty queen and fairly odd interview subject removes her mic, tells Larry he's being "inappropriate." He asks her a question a moment later, and she says: "I can't hear you."

Jerry Seinfeld, Nov. 2, 2007: Larry asks if "Seinfeld" was canceled and the star goes (well) ballistic. "You think I got CANCELED!?...Do you know who I am?... Jeez, can we get a resume in here that Larry can go over." Certainly one of my personal favorites.

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