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Late-Afternoon Insane Laughter Break

It's the Batman, versus Bill!

Do want to laugh harder than you've laughed all day? Maybe since...last night's Blago/Dave interview?

Do you want to laugh till tears pour down your cheeks, and your co-workers come over to see what the matter with you is?

Do you want to laugh so hard that your boss will come over and ask you to leave the premises?

Then, I direct you to Gawker. Right now. Go here. To this link. Don't take my word for it. Just do it. There are other versions floating around on the web, but this one is perfect.

Now, I'd post this myself, and bypass Gawker altogether (but of course give them credit for finding this gem.) But there's a word used here...umm, you know the word - it's the one that Gordo Ramsey uses in front of every noun, and the one we all yell at the TV set whenever A-Fraud strikes out in the ninth inning with three men on base.

I just checked the Newsday profanity manual, and it says I can't post this - but DAMN, you gotta see it anyway.

Thanks, Gawker.

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