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Good Evening

Late night Fox show starring ... Sheen??!!

Only Fox -- yes, only Fox -- could have a conversation with Charlie Sheen about "future possibilities" where the idea of a late night talk show could be broached. And (per TMZ), in fact they have. What this show would be, or what this show could be, remain for now entirely unclear, and perhaps ever shall be. But my hunch is that Fox put this on the table as a way to intrigue the guy, knowing full well it could never, ever happen.

First of all, there are the Fox affiliates, which wouldn't clear 11 p.m. for Johnny Carson incarnate. Second, there is the obvious issue of his sanity, and of his ability to hold a conversation that is in any way not entirely and completely about himself. Third, Fox knows as well as anyone that the talk show -- late night in particular -- is the hardest form of TV entertainment in the whole wide world. How it thinks Charlie Sheen would be competent to perform such a task is beyond the beyond.

What has Fox really got up its sleeve here?  I can see this: Sheen and Mike Darnell getting along well (but would Charlie deem Mike "troll-like?"). If so, there may be an idea for a reality series here. All you'd have to do is follow Sheen around with a camera, and the numbers would follow. Yes, TV is a sick business. 

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