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Late Night TV wacky what ifs...


fergie Photo Credit: cbs



  Here is a short series of late night TV what-ifs, for your consideration...

  ...what if...David Letterman informed CBS of his intention to retire, if indeed his contract ends this summer, or at  pre-determined period thereafter...?

...what if...CBS decided to scramble to find an eventual replacement who could be available in time....?

...what if...CBS, as the rest of the world knows, learns there is a very small list of candidates who could do the job....

...what if...CBS decides that Jon Stewart really might not be ideal because Stewart already has a devoted following, and why would that following go to CBS if Jon steps into the pre-set mold that late night show hosts must step into, which certainly isn't JS's bag...

...what if....CBS realizes that someone named Conan O'Brien is available....

...what if....CBS is concerned lest Fox take Conan that Conan at 11 could (theoretically) hurt its own late night franchise....

...what if...CBS has looked into the possibility of Conan...

...what if...for some bizarre reason...CBS has told Craig Ferguson that he's not ready for 11:35 just yet, and they'd like him to keep pounding the rock at 12:35 for the foreseeable future...

...what if...Craig is mad at the prospect, or simply mad that CBS is dissing him, or mad that CBS is talking to Conan (and CBS DID want Co for the Tonys, but not Craig...hmmm)....

(...what if...all of the above is nonsense, but I'm not passing it off as holy writ either...)

  Of course, this could in fact all be total silliness but crazier things have happened in late night...also, how else to explain this utterly bizarre out burst Craig Ferguson made to The Wrap, posted just a short while ago:

Yeah, I don’t care about being a f---ing late
night-talk show host. What the f--- do I care? I
swear to God, you must hear this if you don’t hear
anything else: I genuinely don’t give a f---. I do
this show because I like doing it and they pay me
good money to do it. I don’t define myself by
being on f---ing television.
If you define yourself by being on television,
you’re already f--ing lost. And if they fire me,
guess what, I’ve been fired before and I’ll f---
ing live.




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