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Lauren Alaina and Carrie Underwood smolder, Beyonce burns on 'American Idol'

Lauren Alaina and Carrie Underwood are singing "Before He Cheats." Lots of vocal power up there right now. One of the best moments of the night, It's like big sister, little sister. 

The other finalists talk about Lauren and Scotty McCreery and how young they are, there are some hilarious lines -- "they're children!" "go to your prom!" "they're just learning cursive." 

Beyonce returns to sing "One Plus One," alone on stage but for the smoke, red backdrop and pianist. She is singular right now. Everyone's riveted, so much power, passion and talent in full flower. "Make love to me, when the world's at war," she sings.

Bono and the Edge then show up to perform for some reason "Rise Above," a song from their much-lambasted "Spider-Man" Broadway show. At least the stuntman playing Spidey doesn't fall or anything.

The song itself is nothing special. And 10 minutes away....

But then after that Steven Tyler shows he's still got it, ripping off "Dream On" and getting the audience hyped for the big moment.

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