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Lauren Alaina gets big boost from Carrie Underwood on 'American Idol'

Carrie Underwood chose "Maybe It Was Memphis" for Lauren Alaina to sing. She's up there in a bedazzled dress, looks like a star.

It's a good pick. It lets her voice soar and it's pretty heartfelt. I'm giving her round two as well, this is the best performance of the night so far. She's really calm and can totally see her recording this song. 

If fans were voting just based on this night, we'd have a huge upset tomorrow. Oh well.

Man, it's really awkward. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have been up there for nearly 30 minutes now and haven't been allowed to say a single word. 

Oh, and now to the judges -- for their thoughts on the first two rounds! Randy just says you guys have been picked by America, calls "Gone" by Scotty "brilliant," and then praises his second song. too. Says he loves both of them. Then he gives Scotty the edge for first song, Lauren for the second.

Jennifer says the same thing, Scotty was "amazing" and Lauren "crazy." The second round says he was OK, she was great.

Steven Tyler says he gives both rounds to Lauren because "she's prettier" than Scotty

This isn't judging, this is bad Kabuki. Why in the world would they mess with the format now?!

This is so Fox, they always ditch the show's integrity to make more money -- slammed in more commercials than singing the first half-hour, and now they're wasting time with some idiot song sponsored by a soft drink company.


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