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Lauren Alaina gives her mom and us a moment on 'American Idol'

Lauren Alaina is singing "Like My Mother Does" to close out "American Idol." Another great performance -- real emotion, control and not a bad melody.

The audience is into this. There's swaying and some tears. Lauren always does best when she's singing with meaning. Ryan helps her down the steps, and she goes over to her mom and hugs her.

Then she stands and sings directly to her. It's one of the most moving moments of the season. Wow.

Ther's big applause and she's in tears. Hmmm... you know... there could be an upset. What a great finish.

Randy Jackson loved it. "Finally it's the Lauren we'd grown to love in Nashville," he says, and gives her a standing ovation. 

Jennifer Lopez says, "with that song you may have just won." Says it was "everything you needed it to be."

Steven Tyler says the first time he saw her he thought she was the "American Idol," and thinks America will agree tonight.

It's true. He's been driving her bandwagon from the get-go.

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