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Lauren Alaina goes Dolly Parton, Stefano Langone gets faked out on 'American Idol'

Lauren Alaina in a Vegas showgirl-like purple dress complete with cowgirl boots is next on "American Idol." She has a huge voice and is gonna be in eeeeasily.

For her solo she did a totally slowed-down, stripped-down "Unchained Melody" that had the judges smiling big. Somewhere Simon Cowell is applauding.

"We fell in love with you the first time we heard your voice," says Steven Tyler. They then start talking about how tough the competition is. I don't know why they do this. She seems almost convinced; but is through.

"She's like Dolly Parton," says Jennifer Lopez.

Stefano Langone is up next. He has a lot of charisma and has pretty much always sung well. J.Lo pretends he's going home, but he isn't, of course.

"That's a talented kid right there," she says as he goes off to celebrate in disbelief.

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