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Lauren Alaina tops best 'American Idol' audition city so far

Lauren Alaina, 15, closes "American Idol." They've been hyping how great her audition is. She says her cousin, Holly, has cancer. Her voice has a bit of Carrie Underwood here, maybe.

Does "Underneath the City Lights." It's good, but I'm not jumping out of my seat, bit breathy for my tastes. "Best we've seen today," says Randy Jackson, and they all loved it.

Again, not sure I get it, but it's nuts. At this point I trust these judges already . . . so will reserve judgement.

She brings in her family to introduce them to the judges. Wow, she can sing and she's sweet, too.

Does an encore, with Steven Tyler, his "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," where she's totally in charge . . . hmm, bodes well for the competition. You've got to own the stage.

"I think we found the one today," Tyler says afterward.

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