Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Lauren Alaina 'works it' well thanks to Lady Gaga on 'American Idol'

Lauren Alaina is singing "Trouble" next on "American Idol." She says she's a .big fan of Lady Gaga. She has some hang-up singing the words "I'm evil," which is weird. You're a performer, perform. Gaga basically tells her to go out there and play the part all out, which Lauren's needed to hear.

Oooh, nice, big, performance to go with her big hair. She's hamming it up, she's really putting it all out there. Lots of confidence. This is one of her best performances of the year from a story-telling and passion perspective.

"Well done" says Steven Tyler. Jennifer Lopez says "some serious, good performance... some maturity in you we hadn't seen before," and calls it "sexy."

Randy Jackson agrees. "Really enjoyed it." Says she "worked it" and also thought Gaga gave her some good advice.

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