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Lauren Turner gets a 'yaaay!', Rachel Zevita a surprise on 'American Idol'

Lauren Turner, who cleaned houses, is next on "American Idol." She has a real down-to-earth voice. It's gritty. I think she makes it based on how the judges are relaxed with her. Randy Jackson talks about her big voice, then says, "you made it -- yaay Lauren!"

Then Ryan Seacrest wrecks it -- "So the maid makes it to the big time." 

Rachel Zevita is next. Her grandmother and mom came out from NYC. She's a nice girl and starts crying when she's talking about them. She's totally the little girl with a big voice. They do well on this show so I expect she'll make it.

After wasting some time, Steven Tyler says, "I'm really sorry to have to say you're coming through." She just looks at him, then says, "What?!"

At which point the other judges quickly clarify that it means she's in the top 24 and she starts yelling for joy.

She tells her family outside, "They want all of me!"

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