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Laurence Fishburne out at 'CSI'

Here's some big and not entirely unexpected news: Laurence Fishburne is leaving "CSI." In fact, he has already left the building and will not be back on the series next fall when it returns to a new night, Wednesday.

He is the second major cast departure of a major series during the last few weeks -- Lisa Edelstein of "House" being the first. Cost issues -- like that one - here? Unlikely: Fishburne never caught on as the fraught professor with bad DNA which gave him the remote capacity to be a serial killer, Dr. Raymond Langston. He finally offed the one who has almost killed him any number of times -- Mr. Noodles, err,  I mean Bill Irwin, aka Nate Haskell who is finally, blessedly dead as a doornail.  

As mentioned, Langston never really caught on with viewers. Introduced in the fall of 2009, he had the unenviable task of making fans sort of forget about Bill Petersen. Good luck with that. As great an actor as Fishburne is, his character always seemed remote -- terribly remote -- and never did (nor was expected) to bring that sort of languid, cynical bossman style that Petersen's Grissom so effortlessly brought to the show.

Next in line? Keep reading TVZone and we'll tell you as soon as we know. No official comment from CBS. 

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