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Lazaro Arbos finally goes as Scotty McCreery, Kelly Clarkson return to 'American Idol'

"American Idol" - Lazaro Arbos sings Robbie Williams' "Angels." It was better than his first performance but it still pales in comparison to the girls' performances. (April 10, 2013) Credit: Fox

"American Idol" is cutting to five finalists tonight; they're playing the game where they have contestsants go into three different groups on stage -- Angie Miller, Lazaro Arbos and Kree Harrison are asked to start each group. 

Scotty McCreery then returns with "Gotta See You Tonight." He's so smooth and at home up there; a bit hokey at times, but fun to listen to. Especially since he's still using his same one facial expression, with his lopsided near-smirk and squint -- always reminds me of George Bush.

Janelle Arthur then joins Miller; Candice Glover then joins Harrison, which must mean Holcomb is gonna be with Arbos -- and she is. I'm assuming this is the bottom two group.

Kelly Clarkson returns to the stage, doing "People Like Us." She's got an Adele vibe going on; nothing astonishing, but entertaining. Mariah Carey goes up on stage to hug her afterward and engage in some sappy banter.

Then Ryan Seacrest tells us Harrison and Miller are the top two -- with Holcomb and Arbos the botttom two. Wow, Arthur totally should be in the bottom two, crazy. They cut to a commercial, but oddly keep a camera rolling in an upper right window that shows us a shot of the stage. The contestants go backstage to touch up their makeup and then come back out and stand around. Weirdly watchable.

Wow -- our long national nightmare is over. Arbos is last and sings for the judges save -- ha! Doing "Feeling Good." He's not bad, removed from all the pressure, but long past time for him to go.

He indeed is cut. Now we just need Arthur to get cut next week, and then we might have the best final four ever on this show.

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