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Lazaro Arbos 'out of tune,' Amber Holcomb bit 'slow and unsure' on 'American Idol'

Amber Holcomb singing "She's Leaving Home" next on "American Idol," not sure about the choice but we'll see. Strolls out in a gold print dress; looks like a million bucks. Song is slow to get going and not that well known; she's putting her own spin on it and showing off her pitch-perfect voice. A bit sleepy for me; I think she's going to be in trouble vote-wise this week even though she's one of the best singers in the finals.

Randy Jackson says "it started a little slow and unsure for me," but loved her chorus and "power notes." Mariah Carey says she didn't know the song before, liked her "fearless" performance. Keith Urban says "that is my absolute favorite Beatles song," and "you made it sound as fresh as if it were written this week." Nicki Minaj calls her vocal "unmatched," but didn't think the song choice was great and tells her not to show on stage that you're not loving the song yourself either. 

Lazaro Arbos next with "My Life," mentor Jimmy Iovine says it's "ambitious" and "risky" for him. In a canary yellow sportcoat; rushing it a bit but sounds sincere and has a good tone. Also just a bit under the key; his main issue is he's pressing every time up there now. Just needs to relax, pick a slow song and really play with it. Ends well; he's one of my faves but another subpar performance.

Carey commends his "bravery," says she'd have done it just with an acoustic and that it was a bit low for his voice. Urban also doesn't think he picked the right key throughout. Minaj thinks he's still off his game, and says he's "nervous," tells him "I need you back." Jackson says "that was your worst performance ever, it was out of tune from beginning to end." Asks, "where did the vocals go? You're just not hitting on all cylinders on vocals."

Jackson's honest but raw critique will just make Arbos' supporters vote even more for him; he has a great story, having overcome his stuttering -- I think he can turn it around, just needs to realize no matter what people love him and he should just do things his way.

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