Casey James somehow joins Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox in the "American Idol" final three, as a mediocore season winds up two contestants who can really sing, and one guy who knows how to take his shirt off.

Sigh. Here's hoping they all step up their game and sing next week the way we've seen in flashes -- there was one week when Casey was great, so we know even he has it in him.

Here's how I rate who made the final three. Make sure to put your thoughts in the comments, below:

1) Lee, of course, totally deserves it. He's been the best performer overall, week in and week out, over the course of the finals. Unlike Crystal, he never took any weeks off, never went self-indulgent, never pouted.

I think he started to believe after Usher gave him big praise and he really stepped it up after Harry Connick Jr. treated him like a peer. I think he's going to win. He has the highest mix of likeability, talent and passion of the final three. Like all the past "Idol" champs, he's grown in front of us, and learned from each week.

2) Crystal deserves to be in the finals; she was probably the most talented vocally of all the contestants, and although she's always had a chip on her shoulder and didn't listen or get better at all over the course of the season, nobody can deny she can sing. Just wish I liked her more.

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3) Casey doesn't deserve to be in the final three. He's talented and has the look -- but as Simon keeps saying, he's been lazy all season long, just picking easy songs and never pushing himself. He's no better now than he was at the start of the finals. He'll be eliminated next week.

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