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Lee DeWyze doesn't have a beautiful night on 'American Idol'

Lee DeWyze's last chance to salvage an oddly mediocore night on 'American Idol' is "Beautiful Day" and he's got to smack this out of the park.

It's odd. It's like he's swallowing his words which he's never done. He starts to soar on the chorus, but the whole thing is more contained than busting out.

He can totally sing, and he puts a smile on your face, but it's more an earnest effort than an incadescent one. He hits his groove toward the end, first time all night he's sounded like a big star. It's cool they give him the time to sing the whole thing and by the end it's the Lee we know and love.

Randy says a bit odd at the start, but that Lee got his "groove back" halfway through. Ellen says great that you were "fully present" for this song, so proud of you. Kara thinks he "got swallowed up a bit" in that song, but likes how much he's grown.

Simon says this is the final time he'll ever judge the show, this is what the competition was designed for, "you're a great guy."

Lee then tells us at the end he'll be doing this for the rest of his life, "loves all of you very much."

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