Lee DeWyze took control of "American Idol" tonight, blowing Crystal Bowersox and everyone else away on Frank Sinatra night -- with a huge assist from Harry Connick Jr.

DeWyze sang "That's Life" with the perfect tone and attitude; Connick's collegial familiarity, and joking that he's like a new, improved version of himself, seemed to give Lee a jolt of confidence. In essence, Harry told Lee and America: You belong.

Not sure what's going on with Crystal, but she seems to be going backwards; she never came across as super-likeable, now that she's not singing well either she's in danger of fading fast. She does have a great voice though, so maybe if she listens to the judges and stops singing for herself....

Nobody else is really even worth mentioning; the judges all liked Michael Lynche, but I think it's only because he wasn't bad. Frank Sinatra night on "American Idol" was brutal, aside from Lee; it's really been a pretty depressing season.

Here's how ranked everyone; put your own rankings in the comments, below:

1) Lee DeWyze's "That's Life" showed off his great tone, and showed how far he's come from his nervous start this season

2) Michael Lynche's "Way You Look Tonight" blew the judges away, I thought it was well-sung but wished it were more compelling

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3) Aaron Kelly really tried with "Fly Me to the Moon," but he was like a little kid playing dress-up -- song was too big for him, and no real swagger

4) Crystal Bowersox blew a great chance with "Summer Wind," she doesn't have to sing everything big but she wasn't even memorable

5) Casey James butchered "Blue Skies," for me it seemed like he was sounding out the words. For Kara he "sounded like a lamb" with his vibrato.

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