With Jamie Foxx as a mentor and a massive musical category  --  movie songs -- you would think that from a vocal and fashion standpoint, movie night would have been a blockbuster, but it was definitely not.

Only Casey James amped up the fashion quotient in an aqua blue leather jacket, bright white T-shirt and dark jeans. He looked good -- but his quivering version of “Mrs. Robinson, “ ew, well, that sort of negated his positive fashion vibe.

Our pick for the worst outfit goes to Lee DeWyze -- a brown, beige and cream plaid shirt over a muddy brown T-shirt and wheat colored jeans. It was the equivalent of a fashion vampire draining all the color from him.

Also, his thorny version of “Kissed from a Rose,” may have sounded better if he looked better. When he shed the shirt replacing it with a worn leather jacket later in the show for the duet, he seemed more himself. All the critique aside -- we still really like him.

Michael Lynche pretty much needs to wear black and looked fine in his black jeans and leather jacket topping a printed black tee. But eh, his performance was uninspiring.

We think Crystal Bowersox rocked the house with her performance of “I’m All Right,” but the shmata – a black, cape-like thing over dress with cut-out shoulders, and a whisper of a petticoat sticking out of an asymmetrical hem – um, not the best by a long shot. And the short, clomper booties – just didn’t work. This is a pretty young woman, and the styling detracted this night.

And thumbs down to the judges who offered up not a bit of fashion wit, or whimsy … shouldn’t they be setting an example?

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The fearsome foursome was particularly bland this night. Randy Jackson did Randy in cream sweater with contrasting border. Ellen Degeneres’ dull fashion accessory was a gray scarf, worn with a black jacket and white blouse, and Kara Dioguardi must have gotten the memo. She could have gone to a corporate office in her black and white suit. Where was the glamour? Simon, was, at least, himself, in a gray v-neck.


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