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Letterman: A Tony Soprano?



  Interesting and rather sad developments in the Letterman case.

  As you know, prosecutors yesterday filed court papers to get the judge to effectively gut the Halderman-fronted argument that he was simply the owner of "intellectual property" which he had ever legal right to sell to Letterman.

  "His efforts to define and characterize his actions as something legitimate and make the 'deal' appear normal are nothing more than a transparent charade," assistant district attorneys Judy Salwen and Peirce R. Moser wrote.

They also released some transcripts of the taped conversations Haldy had with Letterman's two lawyers a couple of days before the whole thing imploded. 

  This is what Haldy said:

"I'm not sure how crazy this guy [Letterman] is, or um, how dangerous he might be," Halderman said of Letterman. " ... Should I be fired, mysteriously ... if my house burns down ... any number of things that... I have no idea who or what he is or is capable of."

  Per the AP: "Halderman also warned he was going to keep copies of everything he had on Letterman, for protection, saying, 'The only way to be sure that I never talk to anybody is for somebody to kill me. Well, you know, I don't want that to happen.'"

  (Here's what would be much more interesting: What was Haldy's demeanor when he said all this? What he laughing, snickering...or sweating, nervously picking at his jacket, glancing over his shoulder, or thinking, "this lawyer does kinda look like Paulie Walnuts..."




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