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Letterman-Leno among memorable Super Bowl commercials

Some good. Some bad. Some smart. Some sad.

But memorable? Truly memorable Super Bowl XLIV commercials?

Of course, there was at least one. (Letterman and Leno.)

Otherwise, let the debates begin, or perhaps by now they've already ended. And honestly, it will be very difficult to find anyone, anywhere, who will say "boy, THAT was $200 million well spent!"

Overall it was a disappointing commercial spectacle. Certainly there were some fun, and provocative, moments. But very very few. Even the Tim Tebow ad - full of controversial sturm und drang - ended with a tackle of his poor mother. What exactly was that about?

Indeed, the Tebow ad - featuring the Florida Heisman Trophy winner and his mother - was more of a curiosity than a lightning rod. "I call him my miracle baby," his mother said, referring - though not specifically saying - to a doctor's recommendation some years earlier that she have an abortion.

By the commercial's conclusion, he sacked her (seriously), and mom said: "You're not nearly as tough as I am." (There was nothing offensive about the ad, except that last part.)

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