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Li’l Sebastian, Mister Ed, Fury and more famous TV horses

Alan Young spent six seasons talking to a

Alan Young spent six seasons talking to a horse in "Mister Ed." Credit: Filmways Television

The 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby on May 6 (4 p.m. on NBC/4) puts us in mind of some of our favorite TV equines we’ve watched over the years. Take these five:

FURY The titular stallion of the 1955-60 drama, which told (as the announcer intoned before every episode) “the story of a horse . . . and the boy who loved him.”

KING The hoofed star of “National Velvet,” the 1960-62 series based on the book and movie (that helped launch Elizabeth Taylor to stardom). Lori Martin starred as King’s owner, 12-year-old Velvet Brown, who hoped the thoroughbred stallion would someday run in the Grand National Steeplechase.

LI’L SEBASTIAN A recurring character on “Parks and Recreation”: The most famous mini-horse (please don’t call him a pony) in all of Pawnee, Indiana.

MISTER ED The titular talking character of the reality-defying 1961-65 sitcom (voiced by an old-time Western actor).

QUICK DRAW MCGRAW Another talking horse, albeit an animated one. The pistol-packing Hanna-Barbera mainstay wore a red cowboy hat and blue bandanna and each week did all kinds of dopey things with his deputy, the Mexican burro Baba Looey.

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