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LI's Robbie Rosen gets mad praise from judges, makes 'American Idol' top 24

"American Idol" puts 19 more contestants into its top 24 tonight, as Jennifer Lopez starts it off indulging in how agonizing cutting people is for her. Suddenly the show is all about the diva again.

Karen Rodriguez goes in to face the judges first. I don't really remember her but they play up how J.Lo's her inspiration. I predict she moves on based on how they talk to her and the whole fake-out emphasizing the negative and the toughness of it all. She's indeed in. Based on he solo she can definitely sing.

Next up, Long Island's Robbie Rosen. He's been a favorite of the producers so far. I think he'll move on.

Shows great control and phrasing in his solo. He just plays with the words. "So good, right out of the box," says Steven Tyler. They give him the whole "it's been really tough competition," and he's in!

"Honestly, you're one of the best singers we have," says J.Lo, adding, "He's brilliant" as Randy Jackson says "he's so unassuming . . . he's genius."

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