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Lifetime Casey Anthony movie has an airdate

Actor Rob Lowe poses with the year of

Actor Rob Lowe poses with the year of excellence award for "Parks and Recreation" during the 12th annual AFI Awards held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Lifetime is wasting no time in putting woeful "Liz & Dick" in its rearview mirror — the Rob Lowe movie based on the endless, noisy, tiresome, noisy circus known as the Casey Anthony trial has an airdate. "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" will air ... drum roll ... Jan. 19. A biggish deal this is, because Lifetime gets huge numbers for these headline-ripping efforts, and with Lowe in the role of Jeff Ashton, this one may be a bit bigger than normal. He played Drew Peterson in that other Lifetime movie that was (I believe) the highest rated in Lifetime's long history.  By the way, Oscar Nunez — !! — plays Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez. A "Parks & Recs" star at one end of the bench ... a star of "The Office" on the other. Curiouser and curiouser... Meanwhile, this from Lifetime...

 In the gripping film, Lowe portrays Jeff Ashton, the Florida prosecutor in last year’s controversial Caylee Anthony murder trial, and author (with Lisa Pulitzer) of the best-selling book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, upon which the movie is based. Prosecuting Casey Anthony reveals Ashton’s inside story of the true crime drama that captivated and then shocked the nation when Caylee Anthony’s mother, Casey, was acquitted of killing her daughter, despite what many thought to be overwhelming evidence of guilt. But much of that “evidence” had nothing to do with direct evidence of guilt, but rather her behavior in the weeks between the disappearance of Caylee and Casey’s mother’s call to the police.  

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