Lilly Scott says she plays a ton of instruments, "definitely trying to be unpredictable." Singing "A Change Is Gonna Come." Let's see if she can pull it off. In black dress, with her black guitar.

Big opening, with an edge and different tone to her voice. She's kind of reinventing the song, making it indie, but still has some of the fire in it. It's interesting, not 100% sure it works, but am still listening. It's pretty different than what we expect with this song.

Randy says it's a season of really unique contestants, "you did your thing," his favorite performance of the night so far. Ellen says "you have it," calls it "by far the best performance of the night." Kara says "you just had your first moment of the competition," says she was riveted, "unbelievable."

Simon thought it was good, wasn't crazy about it, thought it was oversung in the middle. I like Lilly a lot, actually. I think she's totally genuine and definitely has her own artistic vision. Like Simon, I liked the idea of what she did with the song more than the actual listening, but looking forward to hearing more.

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