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Lindsay Lohan rejects $550G 'Dancing with the Stars' offer, report says

July 2: Lindsay Lohan

July 2: Lindsay Lohan Credit: Getty Images

Well, well. Surprise, surprise. Lindsay Lohan has apparently been approached by "Dancing with the Stars" (according to TMZ — which I am positive posts something like this just before every season) but she's turned it down.

Per the website, the show offered $550,000 — but it's unclear whether that's a real offer, or predicated on getting into the final rounds (There are step raises that kick in after reaching certain levels of competition. And yes, "DWTS" can be very lucrative for the winner. You don't think they undergo all that just to get the mirror ball?)

Why would she reject?

All sorts of reasons, I imagine — though don't overlook the fact that the show is grueling, and the minute she shows up late for rehearsals, Maksim "Maks" Chmerkovskiy — who's more temperamental than she — would turn into a small nuclear device, assuming Maks is back next season, and that's unlikely.

Also, there's always the possibility of early rejection — and that has happened to reasonably well-known stars before, most notably David Hasselhoff. By the way, "DWTS" has a wish list that probably includes everyone up to and including Mitt Romney. Doesn't mean they all say yes, and the vast majority say no, including, recently, Ann Romney?

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