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Lindsay Lohan: The 'Today' interview

Actress Lindsay Lohan attends Domingo Zapata's Oscar Art

Actress Lindsay Lohan attends Domingo Zapata's Oscar Art Show presented in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Feb. 22, 2012 ) Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan, famous for being infamous for so long that most of us have forgotten that a.) she's a fellow human being; b.) the only person she's really hurt over the years is herself; and c.) she once had some on-screen talent (though it's kind of hard to remember when.) That's why this morning's "Today" interview was so refreshing and -- in a way -- heartening. It's easy to scorn Lohan, and by her actions alone, some might say the scorn has been deserved. But this morning showed something else entirely -- a self-recognition of that very fact. It seemed so odd, even meta, to watch Lohan talk about that other person -- Lindsay Lohan -- as if she were a specimen best put away in a drawer, never to be taken out again. 

She looked sad -- but also glad (a strange combination, admittedly.) Matt Lauer was a good debriefer: He asked the right questions in the right manner, allowing her to establish her points clearly and concisely. 

Now, now: I know what you're thinking because it's what I'm thinking: Another Lohan "comeback" story, in which the next chapter -- falling off the wagon, pleading forgiveness before a blear-eyed judge, ending up in jail -- has already been written. But for the first time in years -- and imagine, only 25, Lohan and her sad story feel like they're both decades old -- I don't necessarily believe that is the next chapter now. 

I don't know how to put this, but . . . she seemed sincere, and honest even with herself.

Now, now, I know what you're thinking (because it's what I'm thinking): She's an actress. A tattered career is at stake. She needs to prove to potential employers that she can handle the requisite promotional interview. And lastly -- by heaven's, Gay! -- there are so many more deserving people on this planet. Why give her another thought!! 

Because it's the nice thing to do, and like I said -- the only person she's ever really hurt is the one she sees every morning in the mirror.

Here's the interview, and if you think I'm totally full of baloney, please say so. (I know you will.)



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