Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Live '30 Rock' on Oct. 14

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon on "30 Rock.”

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon on "30 Rock.” Credit: Handout

 Once the province of shows looking to get some attention or to challenge a cast that had gotten weary or complacent or just plain bored, "30 Rock" is now going live.

 For one night only: Oct. 14.

Not that "Rock" needs attention or what-have-you, but numbers could be better -- even if the show probably couldn't be. Angela Bromstad said "Rock" will go live because "Tina" -- as in Fey -- wanted to, based on her "SNL" background. It'll originate from "SNL's" Studio 8-H.

Other TCA tidbits:

-- Steve Carell is deffinitely leaving "The Office" after next season, so no point in sitting around mulling the possiblity that he won't. NBC E chief Angela Bromstad was asked if any thought was given to ending the show; said she, "would we have ended 'ER' after George Clooney left?" Unclear how this departure will be handled but Bromstad gave the indication that there will be some sort of "mystery" to unravel over the course of the season with his replacement finally being introduced.

-- Rob Lowe will definitely become a regular on "Parks and Rec." That was kind of expected. But this is the official announcement; show returns midseason.

--  NBC is developing a "Prime Suspect" pilot that'll be produced by Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey, both of "Friday Night Lights." 

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