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Good Evening

'Live to Dance' has East Northport's Peaches Rodriguez

  Did you watch the exquisitely awful "Live to Dance" starring my favorite reality show host Paula Abdul last night? How could you miss it: Two hours of "America's Got Talent: The Hoofer's Edition."

  But here's the best part, and honestly, there were many - "best" used here in a highly ironic and sardonic way: Peaches Rodriguez.

  Peaches is a stand-up comic from East Northport who was identified last night as a Long Islander and (I believe) soccer mom. She went on to perform a reasonable break-dance routine, got a pair of red buzzers (red is not good on this show) and was dumped.

  But  Peaches did have the best line, telling Pussycat Doll judge Kimberly Wyatt, "the skinny one's a hater."

  Oh joy. 

  Paula laughed. Sort of. I did as well. They said she should be a stand-up, and voila, she is. Here are some clips. Man, I wished Peaches had advanced...


Peaches Rodriguez Comedy/Dance Reel

peaches | Myspace Video

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