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44° Good Afternoon

'Live to Dance:' Paula channels Simon?

  This little pre-Christmas package arrived late yesterday, courtesy Paula Abdul and CBS, and just posting now - sorry for the brief delay - but what strikes  me, especially, is Paula's new commanding presence.

  Paula? Commanding? Take a look: This is her show and she means to prove it. She's the boss - just like Simon was, and her demeanor as a result is sharply divergent from the one we all know and love.

  Naturally, I'm reading far too much into a two-minute preview, but it certainly seems to offer that brief impression.

  "Live to Dance," as you  may know, bows just after the first of the year, and there was a bit of speculation - all founded, in my opinion - that Fox shifted "American Idol" off of Tuesdays to avoid a direct faceoff with the dear girl. Mustn't confuse viewers, must we, reasoned Fox - even though no one has ever confused "dance" with "singing" in the history of humankind....


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