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Good Morning

'Live with Kelly and...' Michael Strahan

In the biggest non-surprise announcement of the new fall season, "Live with Kelly" anointed ex-Giants great Michael Strahan as Kelly Ripa's new co-host.

 Strahan? Co-host? "Live?" Whyyyy!!??

Well, I'll tell you why as I did in this post last week: He's a big, full-of-life presence who's all personality and fills the screen literally and in all those other ways that are good on a chatty noisy show like this. Especially this: He's likable though not to Patriots fans. One merely needs to recall Strahan's legendary "we STOMPED YOU OUT" performance after the '08 Super Bowl victory, when he and his team got the keys to the city, or his equally Strahan-esque performance after this past Super Bowl — when he greeted each and every teammate on the podium as though HE were an extension of the Mara family .?.?. It was amazing and easy to forget Michael had been retired four years!

In other words, he's a ham, but he's fun and game. He's also a warrior, but doubtful he'll bring that aspect of his personality to the show. My prediction: This should work.

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