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'Liz & Dick' producer recalls fun-filled days with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan stars as Elizabeth Taylor in the

Lindsay Lohan stars as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Original Movie, "Liz & Dick," on Nov. 25. (2012) Credit: Lifetime

Lindsay Lohan's return to the screen - and possibly even some measure of professional respect - is week and a half away, and Larry Thompson, the producer of Lifetime's "Liz & Dick" did a round of press interviews earlier today, explaining what he (and she) went through last summer during the shoot.

Oh last summer - the car crash, the NYC bump-and-run, the blow-out with her mother, the fist-fight with some dude in a building, the whatever-else-TMZ-chronicled.

 It all seems so far away, does it not?

Thompson, the veteran producer (he's done a number of biopics over the years), and Lohan babysitter had of course nice things to say about her. Though he did note that the whole affair was a "challenge," while he "turned 50 shades of white" during the shoot.

 But...'she committed herself quite a bit and I do know that on an intellectual and professional level she and her representatives recognized this as an opportunity to prove that as an adult, she's a star..."

OK, reader, hold the sighs, smirks, and those outright "YOUV'EGOTTABEKIDDINGS." I know what you're thinking...

 Did he have concerns? He had a few (duh):

 "When we finally decided to hire her, we had serious challenges to deal with, due to her probation and her history, therefore we had to make a deal where there were pages and pages of what-if clauses...," he said. "What if this happens or what if that happens. There never was a 'what if she can't act' clause but a  'What if there is a car accident,' or 'what if there is a violation of her probation therefore leading to incarceration.'  There were plenty of those what-ifs [and] she might well be the most insured actress who ever walked out onto a sound stage. We tried to insure ourselves against things that could and, in fact, did happen."

Oh the joys of working with Linds!

Pictured: Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Original Movie, "Liz & Dick," scheduled to air Nov. 25.

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