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"Lost:" And then there were four

sun and jin

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 As the spoilers promised, a major death.

 In fact, two major deaths.

 Jin and Sun.

 How about that final touching moment - the embrace, the kiss, the gradual release of fingers as the cold Pacific closed about them. And that was it. All those years, all these seasons, and two favorite and cherished characters are gone.

 At least they survive in the sideways world.

  This death will - naturally - revive speculation that they are "Adam and Eve" - those skeletons discovered by Jack and Kate in that cave in season one in "House of the Rising Sun."  (Some have long speculated t hey were Jack and Kate, or Rose and Bernard.)

  (A theory - that Jack recovered their bodies and placed them side by side in said cave, with the black and white stones in the little bag that he would recover again, fourty years later, repeating the "Grounds  Hog Day" loop of time endlessly circlilng back on itself on the Island - or hell.)

  Black and white - by the way - the two enduring and opposing themes of "Lost" and the Island.

  But I digress.

 What did last night's episode mean in the grand scheme of things? To say "I have no idea" would do little at this point to offer solace to the confused fan - except perhaps to reinforce their own befuddlement.  But we are simply not there yet - anyone - and so any theories remain simply that.

  But the ending of Sun and Jin was indeed powerful; we know their story so well, so intimately, that it could not have been anything but that.The agony of Hurley and Jack was profound, and believeable.

 Now down to four.

 Four original "Losties."

 What does "Locke" have in store for them? Wha does Widmore? What does the Island?

 Just a few weeks to go. Just a few weeks to go...




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