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'Lost' ending has viewers in tears

"LOST" Series Finale Credit: ABC

Spoiler alert. This is how "Lost" ends:

Everyone dies.

If you wanted a happy ending, then you came to the wrong island. In the closing seconds of one of the most celebrated series in TV history, viewers saw a deserted beach strewn with the wreckage of Flight 815. There were no survivors, except in an afterlife - identified for the purposes of the final season as the "sideways" world, where one by one, the so-called survivors of 815 came to resolve their life issues, or be reunited with their one true love. Or simply to find solace - though mostly love.

Yes, it was sad, brutally sad, even though many fans had theorized that this was exactly how everything would end. The clue (and there were so many over the years) was in the coffin: Jack's (Matthew Fox) father, Christian, seen fleetingly in the first season after his coffin was lost following the crash, wrapped it all up last night, as he hugged Jack. With everyone in the church, he said, "This is the place you all made together, so you could find one another."

That was the island as well. As Jack lay dying on the island, Walt's (Malcolm David Kelley) dog (a famous scene from the premiere) came up and nestled next to him.

Millions of hot tears flowed at that very moment.

Was it a successful finale? Depends on what you were expecting. Many fans who have stayed with the tale from the beginning probably wanted something besides a highly romanticized sci-fi/metaphysical treatise on the afterlife.

But "Lost" was always about redemption - the idea of being lost then found. It was also about love, and the message was that without love, a life - any life - is not complete. Some might call that a syrupy way to wrap up this glorious puzzle.

Others - the majority? - will say it was absolutely perfect.

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