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"Lost:" World's Greatest Long Island fan deconstructs "What Kate Does"

what kate does - drive a cab like

what kate does - drive a cab like a maniac! And stick guys up! Fun girl! Photo Credit: abc



   Sure, sure. You're the World's Greatest Long Island fan of "Lost" - isn't everybody?

    But, I recently met someone else who's the WGLIL.

  Her name's Jenny Caruso, and she's a 25-year-old native of Ronkonkoma. She's a nanny in Manhattan; wants a career in writing; and knows more about "Lost" than Darlton.

  I am very impressed.

  I asked her to deconstruct last night's  episode. See if you agree. I hope to make this a regular feature in 'Zone, and if you think you know more, or care to disagree with what's here - and we all do have our opinions - then feel free to write me, at: .

  I'll try to get as much "Lost" in this space as humanly possible the next couple months...

    Take it away, Jenny:


   How do you explain Sayid’s “Death?”


“No white light? Angels singing? No dead relatives?” Miles asked Sayid as he looked suspiciously at him upon his resurrection from the dead. We know Miles has experience talking to dead people, but he seems very uncomfortable around Sayid. Did Miles try to talk to Sayid and was unable to reach him when he was dead?  Did Sayid actually die?

 What’s Up With Sayid anyway?


He looks like Sayid, talks like Sayid… But is it Sayid? Many have been speculating that Jacob has inhabited Sayid’s body, but is that too obvious? We know he’s not a zombie – thanks for clearing that one up, Hurley. Dogen, the mysterious Japanese Other, seems concerned about Sayid’s identity as well. He runs tests to “diagnose” Sayid, in which Sayid “fails”. He explains to Jack that Sayid has been “infected” and once “the darkness reaches his heart, everything he once was will be gone”. We have heard about this infection before. Rousseau killed her team because they too were “infected”. Interesting that this infection also occurred after her team took a trip to the Temple.


Speaking of the Temple, wasn’t that where Ben was “healed”?


Richard Alpert explained that once he brought Ben to the temple, he would “never be the same” and he would “no longer be innocent”. But he looked like Ben and talked like Ben. Does that mean Ben is infected too? His heart definitely seems dark…Dogen also told Jack that Claire had been infected: “Because it happened to your sister”.


Look, on the ridge! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Claire? Huh?!


It seems that Claire has taken the place of Rousseau as the token wild-haired, booby trap setting island native.

 Does anyone know what the heck is going on with Ethan?

Flash Sideways to the alternate universe, and we see that Creepy Ethan is back as Claire’s OB-GYN, only this time with a new name: Ethan Goodspeed. But I’m not even going to pretend to understand what that means yet. It was interesting when Ethan says to Claire, “I don’t want to stick you with needles if I don’t have to”. This seems to imply that he “had to” stick her with those needles back in Island Land when he had captured her in order to prevent her from getting the infection. It seems that once Claire escaped and no longer received the injections, the infection was able to take over. Hence, Dogen telling Jack “that it happened to your sister”. Perhaps if she had kept receiving the injections she would have been ok?


"What Kate Does?" What does Kate do?

The title of the episode, “What Kate Does” implied to the viewer that the episode would revolve around Kate. Tricked us again Damon and Carlton! The episode seemed to be more about what Claire and Sayid are up to. However, I can only guess that what we did see of Kate in this episode was very important for future episodes. I think the purpose of this episode was to drop little hints about Kate’s Sideways life that will eventually be revealed in upcoming episodes. I couldn’t help but wonder about the meaning behind Kate asking Claire, “Would you believe me if I told you I was innocent?” She seemed pretty convincing to me! Maybe in this parallel universe Kate is innocent! We know things are different here. Boone couldn’t get Shannon on the plane, Rose isn’t afraid of flying… maybe Kate’s not a murderer now? We shall see…

 Hey, were there any new developments in the Annoying Love Triangle last night?

I love Kate, but her fickleness with men is starting to become slightly irritating. Does she love Jack or Sawyer? Well I guess it depends which week you’re asking about. Last week when both Jack and Sawyer were laying on the ground, unconscious, she ran straight to Jack without hesitation (Point 1, Jack). This week, however as if driven by instinct, she ditched Jack and ran away after Sawyer (Tie Score). What’s funny is that I don’t think a full day of island time has even gone by yet? So who is Kate fated to be with? The thick-headed hero, or the rogue cowboy? Or maybe, like Sawyer so optimistically pointed out, “ maybe some of us are meant to be alone.”




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