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Love him or hate him, Louis C.K. is OK in 'Louie'

Louis C.K. stars in "Louie," a new comedy

Louis C.K. stars in "Louie," a new comedy airing on FX. Credit: FX Photo

THE SHOW "Louie"

WHAT IT'S ABOUT In this show, Louis C.K. plays a version of himself, a divorced 42-year-old standup comedian with two daughters. Each episode offers two vignettes. In Tuesday's pilot, Louie goes on a field trip with his daughters and then has an uncomfortable date.

Like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Louie" traffics in comedy of the uncomfortable as the sad sack Louie gets into one pathetic scrape after another. The show is more of a tragicomedy than an out-and-out comedy.

In one episode, Louie looks up on Facebook a childhood friend he had a crush on. In another, guest star Ricky Gervais appears as a doctor friend of Louie's who razzes him during a medical exam.

MY SAY Credit the show with busting through political correctness in some episodes with surprisingly frank discussions on hot-button issues, including political extremism (liberal Louie and a conservative comic argue about the election of President Barack Obama) and the impact of an epithet for gays (that comes in the same episode as a Louie standup routine on bestiality, which is an unfortunate pairing of topics).

BOTTOM LINE Often profane and occasionally offensive, "Louie" won't be to every viewer's taste, but it's a more interesting show than many with a definitive point of view.


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