Super-intense Mere Doyle, who's super into anime and hand-makes what she calls kimonos. Her goal: to become a singer and be successful in Japan. She's been to hundreds of auditions. Hmm, says she treats each like her life depends on it, because it does. Uh, okay.

Shouts out Janis Joplin, "Piece of My Heart." Simon says "verging on terrible," she gets emotional, says everyone says she's good. They look for alternate careers for her, she says singing is her life, Simon says he'd love to fly to the moon but he can't.

It's kindof sad, she clearly cares a ton, leaves in tears. But, as we've all said before -- if you can't sing, better to find out now. Oooh, she's been training for 14 years?!

Luke Shaffer, another New Yorker, with a black knit cap and sincere, soulful voice. Benjamin Bright, from Rome, NY, is sweet and easy to listen to. Both through, both barely featured.

Andrew Fenlon and his big glasses, who apparently thinks he shouldn't have to wait for his audition. Hard to tell if his arrogance is an act or just oblivion; the fact he doesn't realize when it is his time to sing makes me think he just doesn't get it, and isn't a bad guy.

Simon asks why he's here, he shoots back, "I'm here auditioning for 'American Idol', should be fairly obvious by this point." Heh-heh. Rips another Simon question, then asks if Simon knows "House of the Rising Sun." Simon bristles, of course.

He doesn't have a horrible voice, but butchers the timing of the song, sings it like he's discovering each word for the first time. Kara asks if he's angry, says she's mad at him for being impatient, and she starts to tear into him. Weird, like she's looking for a fight. He sortof is just out of it, they treat him like he's purposefully being a jerk.

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Man, I really miss Paula, I think she'd have seen he's just socially awkward. Everyone says no, Simon surprisingly says yes, says he's starting to grow on him (me too). Kara says she wants to spank him.

Did Andrew Fenton grow on you at all? When did you first start to miss Paula during tonight's show? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post

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