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Lynche: Your official mid-season surprise



  After the bloviating today about the injustice of nearly dumping Michael Lynche - bloviating by myself, as an example - we can now step back in the clear light of dawn and state: 

  No big deal.

  These things happen, and in fact, these things happen every season, with bizarre regularity - I speak of one of the leading "American Idol" contestants getting a ticket to the bottom three and nearly getting a one-way ticket out of the show altogether. 

  Usually happens in April. Usually there's a gasp - collective - among fans.

  Sometimes these presumed leaders (Jennifer Hudson) actually even leave.

   Here's the list of leaders landing in the bottom three:

 - Season one: Justin Guarini (July 31)

 - Season Two: Kimberley Locke, who was actually in the bottom three for the first several weeks, but she survived to the bitter end.

 - Season Three: Fantasia Barino, April 21

- Season four: Bo Bice (April 13)

- Season 5: Kat McPhee (March 29)

- Season 6: Blake Lewis (April 19)

- Season 7: No mid-season surprise

- Season 8: Adam Lambert, April 29

 What does all this mean?  Honestly,  I have no idea, but I do have a theory, and it's not an original one. Fans of said star are lulled by a sense that their homey is OK, and that they really don't have to vote that night because (what the heck) everyone else is. If everyone thinks this way, their homey ends up in the cellar.

  When this happens, they are galvanized, and head to the polls the following week. That means Mike is OK for a while.

  I have one other theory:  Mike is getting boring. I don't know how this happened but it just did. He's the most entertaining finalist of this otherwise bland group (nothing against Bowersox or DeWyse - he is just more of an entertaining stage presense.)

  Now he just sits up there and croons everyone to sleep.

  Time to turn up the gas, Mike.

  Before it's too late.


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