Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Mad Men:' And good night...


  Sunday approaches. One of TV's best wraps. Time for a walk down "Mad Men" memory lane.

 The fourth was very very good and so, to mark Sunday's big departure, I put together this quick list of memorable moments from the immediate past. - to run in "Fanfare."  These are top of mind; give me an hour and I'll come up with a couple dozen others. See if you agree with these...


1.) Don spins the Wall Street Journal:  "I could die of boredom or holster up my guns.”

2.) Lucky Strike boss Lee Garner (Darren Pettie) forces Roger to dress as Santa Claus
at the Christmas party.

3.) Don learns Anna (Melinda Page Hamilton) has cancer.

4.) Peggy and Pete exchange glances at the elevator after news that Trudy is finally

5.) Roger - drunk, or maybe not - insults the Honda clients, with a racist tirade that
stems from his WW2 days aboard a destroyer.

6.) Don wins the Clio for Glo-Coat then then (drunk) pitches a cliched tagline that he
inadvertently stole from Danny Siegel (Danny Strong.)

7.) Peggy goes topless, freaking buffoonish new art director Stan Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson.)

8.) Drunk Don swings at Duck, misses. "I killed over 16 men on Okinawa," said Duck,
also drunk.
9.) Don awakes from a daze, to see the ghost of Anna.

10.) Don weeps bitterly, disconsolately, when he finally learns of Anna's death.

11.) Peggy fires Joey Baird
(Matt Long) who insulted Joan with the porn drawing; in a no
-good-deed-goes-unpunished turn, Joan disses Peg.

12.) Don watches a miserable Henry Francis mowing the lawn at his old house.

12.) Roger and Joan fall into each other’s arms
after the mugging; pregnancy ensues.

13.) Mrs. Blankenship (Randee  Heller)
dies at her battlestation; body is carted out during a client meet.

14.) Bert Cooper, puzzling over Blankeship obit, decides "she was an astronaut!"

15.) Garner fires Sterling Cooper; Roger, his pal (or servant) of 30 years, grovels.

16.) Lane Pryce - dating an African American - gets decked by decked by dear old dad.


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