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'Mad Men' finale has AMC pulling out stops, including full-series marathon

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway in season 1

Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway in season 1 of "Mad Men." Photo Credit: AMC / Carin Baer

"Mad Men" -- one of the greatest series in TV history -- won't be slinking out the back door unnoticed this Sunday. (As if). AMC will launch a seven-season marathon Wednesday leading up to the end.

And this: In lieu of regular programming, AMC's sister networks will instead air a mysterious "special message." "Mysterious" only because AMC isn't saying precisely what this is, but one assumes the message will have something to do with that very special series coming to an end over at AMC.

Here's more, from the press release: "Launching during the five-day "Mad Men" on-air event is the all-new "Times of Your Life" spot, the final promo for the series. The beautiful retrospective piece, set to the popular song that was also used in a 1970s Kodak ad campaign, is presented from Don Draper's perspective, and features memorable, moving scenes from the series. The spot, which uses the Paul Anka version of the song, will debut Wednesday, and will also serve as the curtain raiser for the final episode, airing immediately prior to the series finale on Sunday.

The marathon begins Wednesday night at 6:30.

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