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'Mad Men' Season 6 and the Two Dons

"Mad Men" season 6 billboard by British illustrator Brian Sanders. Photo Credit: AMC

Interesting piece of "key art" -- fancy term for billboard -- that "Mad Men" released Monday and will appear on the side of a bus near you any minute.

The illustration is by British illustrator Brian Sanders and effortlessly captures a late '60s go-go era vibe -- apparently in chalk. But what's striking here of  course are the Two Dons -- each warily passing the other in the street. Meaning? Let the guessing game begin (will "Mad Men" turn into "The Patty Duke Show" perhaps next season?)

There's the Light Don and the Dark Don; one Don is holding the hand of a woman; the other is clutching a briefcase, with police cars assembled in the background. The Yin Don. The Yang Don. That plane ascending in the background? Groovy, daddio! (as they used to say in the '60s -- or did they used to say that?) Why is a plane -- which apears to be an early late '60s version of a 727 (series 100; oh the things you learn on "Mad Men") -- flying over Central Park? Did they have an airport there back then?

New season begins April 7.

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