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'Mad Men' starts taping

Aug. 8. To repeat: "Mad Men" -- delayed until next year — will actually start taping Aug. 8, which is the Monday after next.

Jon Hamm will direct the first episode, AMC announced this morning. Interesting development here is the pregnancy of January Jones; she's due in November, which is just around the corner and certainly adds another complication for Betty Draper. Will she become pregnant in the show, too? I would think highly unlikely — simply because show writers wouldn't want to be forced into a story line as a result a development in a cast members' private life. That's not the way they roll at "Men."

Moreover, pregnant stars get in front of the camera all the time — and of course fake their pregnancies. There are some famous exceptions — notably Emily Deschanel's Brennan who told Booth she was pregnant in the finale of "Bones" this season and, of course, Deschanel was pregnant in real life, too. But showrunners did say they'd go down this road even if Deschanel was not pregnant. 

 Ah, you've noticed I've gotten dramatically off-track in this post, haven't you? Back to "Mad Men:" I would imagine Jones' pregnancy will be masked for a few episodes, then the show will shoot around her until next year, when they'll tape additional scenes later. 


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